Building the case against Issue 2.

As we continue to move toward election day here in Ohio, Building a “Better” Ohio continues with its disturbing behavior–this time granny bashing.  Not surprisingly, Beth Hansen, Kasich’s chief of staff is on leave and is in charge of media strategy for BBO.  Although it is common in candidate campaigns to quote opponents out of context or otherwise manipulate footage of them, that is generally not done in Issue Campaigns.  But the trend setting BBO is on the cutting edge of sleaze by doing a cut a paste job on granny, misappropriating her image, and using her in a misleading ad.  If these guys cannot do better than this they just need to throw in the towel and stop wasting money on this tripe.  Despite the attempt of the BBO to drag politics to a new low, many television stations are refusing to be misused and injure a private citizen.

Former Democratic Gov. Ted Strickland told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that the use of Quinn’s image in the Building a Better Ohio ad was “deceitful and dishonorable.”

Strickland speculated that it could cause a backlash against the law’s supporters. “I think it could be the turning point in the campaign, quite frankly,” he said.

“What they have done here, I think, demonstrates the level of deceitfulness that they will use in order to try to win. This is really as blatant as anything I’ve seen,” Strickland said.

He said the supporters purposefully distorted the woman’s image and exploited her.

Sources: Youtube, Associated Press, Plunderbund

Original ad:

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