Highway to Hell

Elected officials both here and the Ohio Democratic officials in Washington are beginning to recognize the perils of Johnny’s runaway plans to privatize a variety of state functions and properties.  He actually asked to use $1.5 million of federal highway dollars to study how to sell off the turnpike.  Scarier still, the U.S. Department of Transportation approved it–yikes!  (Can’t either of these governmental units find a better way to spend our money than to spend it on studying how allow private companies to make a profit on a state asset?)   The Federal Highway Administration says the proposal submitted by the Kasich Administration did not really admit it was for a study on privatization.  Not much honesty involved there.  “However, the request for proposal subsequently written was for a services contract to solely support privatization of the Ohio Turnpike — which is not an eligible use of SPR funds,” said a FHA official.  Congressman Tim Ryan  who led the fight against the $1.5 million reward, called Kasich’s plan to privatize the Ohio Turnpike “radical:” “It’s not an innovative idea to sell the Ohio Turnpike,” he said. “It was an innovative idea when Indiana tried it; now it’s proven to be reckless and dumb.”

Source for factual material and quotes: Columbus Dispatch.

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