Kasich’s approval continues to plunge

The Quinnipiac Polling for Ohio for July shows John Kasich’s numbers continue to drop:

Quinnipiac University Poll/July 20, 2011 –
Kasich’s job performance gets a 66 – 19 percent approval from Republicans, but disapproval is 76 – 12 percent among Democrats and 48 – 34 percent among independent voters. The depth of his problem is evidenced by his split 43 – 42 percent rating among white evangelical Christians, typically a very pro-Republican group.
The numbers on the proposed effort to repeal SB5 limiting collective bargaining in a November referendum are similar to those on Kasich personally.  Republicans oppose repeal    56 – 35 percent, while repeal wins 75 – 14 percent support from Democrats and 52 – 33 percent support from independent voters.
“Kasich has until 2014 when he presumably will face the voters, to turn his political fortunes around, but the timeline for the vote on SB5, which is obviously a referendum on the governor’s agenda, is much shorter,” said Brown. “A loss on SB5 would be a no confidence vote on the governor from the voters of Ohio.”
Perhaps the only ray of sunshine for Kasich in the budget numbers is the finding that by 34 – 27 percent voters say the cuts approved by Kasich and lawmakers will help, rather than hurt, the Ohio economy.  Another 32 percent say the cuts won’t affect the economy.

The Plain Dealer adds:

The Plain Dealer summed up Kasich’s plummeting poll numbers:

The Republican leader’s job approval numbers have dipped again with just 35 percent of voters surveyed for a Quinnipiac Poll released this morning supporting Kasich. That’s down from 38 percent in May. Meanwhile, 50 percent of voters said they disapproved of the job Kasich is doing, which is a slight increase since May and since the governor reached his crowning achievement in office thus far, orchestrating a new state operating budget in the face of a steep deficit.

He seems to be hurt most by the unfairness inherent in both SB5 and some of the budget cutting.  I would like to see some questions with regard to his attempts to privatize government functions and sell state assets.  I would like to know to what extent voters disapproval includes this factor.  It is really too bad that we do not have recall provisions in the Ohio Constitution cause I think we could recall him by the end of the year.

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News Corp, owned by Rupert Murdoch is in big trouble for illegal hacking various accounts of private citizens, those involved with 9/11 among others.  Rupert Murdoch did more to advance John Kasich’s career than any other mogul or politician.  Here is an update from the Ohio Democratic Party of all he has done, that we know of anyway:

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard: News Corp, the parent company of Fox News, hacked into the phone records of families of September 11 victims, among other egregious actions.

This is the same News Corp that employed John Kasich and shamelessly promoted his candidacy for governor.

We’ll go ahead and say it: No public official in America has benefited more personally and politically from News Corp than John Kasich.

Here are the facts:

  • News Corp paid John Kasich $265,000 in 2008 for hosting a right-wing “news” show
  • Fox News frequently had Kasich as a guest to promote his candidacy and ask for money for his campaign
  • News Corp gave $1 million to the Republican Governors Association to help elect Kasich

    Faux News Fave

    Faux News Fave and Murdoch BBF Talks to the Press.

And to top it all off, News Corp Chairman and CEO Rupert Murdoch contributed $10,000 to John Kasich’s campaign. Murdoch even said that he and Kasich have a strong “friendship!”

We need to send a strong message to John Kasich: Disgraced right-wing media moguls might support you, but the people of Ohio do not.

We heard from Plunderbund earlier this year that the Ohio Department of Public Safety was forced to put the cafeteria TV on Fox News and leave it there. Time to change the channel.

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Kasich proceeds with JobsOhio despite its unconstitutionality

Despite the fact that there is a lawsuit pending in the Supreme Court of Ohio listing seven obvious ways that John Kasich’s great idea–Jobs Ohio is unconstitutional, his Majesty King John pushes ahead with his likely illegal scheme.  He has filed the articles of incorporation last week and named a most of the board members today.  Included are Gordon Gee, President of Ohio State.  James C. Boland, retired vice chairman of Ernst & Young and former president, CEO & vice chairman of the Cleveland Cavaliers Operating Company, Steven A. Davis, chairman of the board and CEO of Bob Evans Farms, for a term ending July 5, 2015.  Dr. C. Martin Harris, chief information officer and chairman of the information technology division of Cleveland Clinic, for a term ending July 5, 2015.  Gary R. Heminger, president and CEO of Marathon Petroleum Corp. in Findlay, for a term ending July 5, 2015.  Bob McDonald, chairman of the board, president and CEO of Procter & Gamble in Cincinnati, for a term ending July 5, 2012.  Pamela Springer, president and CEO of Manta Media in Franklin County for a term ending July 5, 2013.  A ninth board member must still be appointed. They members serve without pay.

You may recall earlier this year Bob Evans got a ridiculous grant from the state under highly questionable circumstances–they got millions to move from Columbus to New Albany.  It’s not hard to figure out where that came from and is headed.  I like Gee but he was on the board of the evil Massey Coal for awhile so I don’t know about that.   He’s getting millions for running Ohio State and he should be concentrating on that rather than working on any private boards.  All the rest are big corporate honchos–and one token woman.

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Now Linked with Facebook.

Sam came over today and finally set up my blog so it is linked in with facebook!  I can do twitter from here as well.  I am going to facebook to see if this showed up there.

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Kasich want to lease state parks to oil companies.

Another one of Kasich’s wonderful plans for Ohio is to lease state park land, which belongs to all of us, to his oil company cronies.  Much of Eastern Ohio contains Marcellus and Devonian Shale Deposits which contain oil and natural gas.  However, the method to extact the gas, hydrofracturing or fracking,  has been shown to be dangerous both by creating extremely toxic pollution and by actually causing earthquakes.  Here is a brief slide show regarding the effects of fracking.  The film Gasland provides even more information on the dangers of fracking.


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Progress Ohio Files Suit Re: Jobs Ohio

Last week Progress Ohio along with Senator Michael Skindell and Dennis Murray filed suit challenging the constitutionality of JobsOhio.  The lawsuit argues that JobsOhio is unconstitutional in seven different ways.   This action was filed before the Ohio Supreme Court has required by the JobsOhio Act.  This itself may be unconstitutional since the General Assembly has no power to control the jurisdiction of the Ohio Supreme Court.   Below is the link to the press conference on the case on Progress Ohio’s youtube page.  


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ProgressOhio.org files mandamus action to remove Kvamme from post.

     The Kasich Administration has been aware that Mark Kvamme cannot legally serve as Director of Development for the State of Ohio.  Although the Ohio Controlling Board is removing his name from documents and Kvamme is no longer allowed to sign contracts or grants for the state, he is still serving as director.  Kasich refuses to follow the constitution and thumbs his nose at the law by failing to appoint a director who can legally serve in the role. 

     After giving Kasich several weeks to appoint a proper individual to serve in this role, ProgressOhio.org, a public interest non profit, took action and filed a lawsuit to have Kvamme removed from the position.  The suit was filed on March 9 in the Tenth District Court of Appeals.  The suit is an action in mandamus, which means it requests the court order the governor to do an act the law commands him to do.  Of course since they have been stalling for almost a month, they have no comment on the suit either.   No hearing or briefing schedule has yet been announced by the court.

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Senate passes reactionary collective bargaining law

I have not posted on this site for a while because I have been doing more than watching.  I have been part of the SB5 fray.  I testified on the bill last week and participated in several of the demonstrations against the bill.  I was not impressed with the Senators on this committee at all.  In fact they were quite rude to me.  More posts on my statehouse experience to come.

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SB 1 testimony

I visited the Senate Finance committee and delivered the remarks on the SB1 here on statehousewatch.  As part of my remarks, I informed them that Mark Kvamme cannot serve as development director because he does not live here.  This is prohibited by the state constitution and just makes sense.  People who live, pay taxes and have a vested interest in the state should run it.  Apparently, this took them by surprise.  An opinion was requested from the Legislative Services Commission that confirmed my opinion.

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Turning back the clock

     John Kasich and Republicans around the country are trying to turn back the clock and return to a time before collective bargaining was legal and when workers were treated as slaves by the factory and  mine bosses.  Although the state was not quite that bad, there was much injustice and unfairness.

      But the truth of this is, that there is no way that the clock can be turned back.  The state has been unionized for 25 years.  When I transitioned the Ohio Department of Agriculture into collective bargaining in 1985-7, I had no computer in my state office.  There were cell phones if you wanted to carry them in a suit case, few home computers, no twitter, no facebook, no internet at all.  Government employees have more solidarity in the face of these current attacks than ever before.  And in the computer age, oppression of the population is ever so much harder. 

     In their mad rush to steal rights from workers, the Republicans seem to be missing one important thing.  They do not actually control the government.  Elected officials only hold minimal control over the state, really.  The union employees, who will be really angry if the legislature steals their rights, are who really controls the government.  Are these legislators actually that clueless?

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